LINGYUN STEEL STRAPPING LIMITED specialized manufactures steel strapping,steel strapping seals .Welcome to our factory to visit and discuss business.
Title edge compound paper packing Sackcloth packing Galvanized steel sheet packing
Iron pallet and box packing Title edge compound paper packing Paper box packing
The product include ribbon and oscillated steel packing strips
(continuouse,apply to pack machinery),inner diameter is 200mm、300mm、406mm.50±2Kg/Bundle. Inner is protect humidity-proof wax paper.Medium is plastic film.Outer is sackcloth and compound paper packing.Delivered in wooden pallets or ironm pallets.Ribbon steel strips:
weight per pallet is 1-2 metric ton.Oscillated steel strips:weight per pallet is 0.5-0.9 metric ton.
[Product performance standard]:
YB/T025-2002.We can also manufacture as per customer’s quality standard orders.